from digital ECHOS to virtual ETHOS
Music technology meets philosophy


The main objective of the ICMC|SMC|2014 Conference is to promote the interdisciplinary cooperation between diverse research activities and areas such as in Computer Music, Interactive Music Systems, Music Technology Education, anthropological approaches to the technology in music (e.g. research on the development of micro-cultures and the redefinition of digital music within them), philosophical approaches mainly expressed in the fields of Aesthetics (e.g. aesthetical considerations or theories regarding the functionality of music in the post digital era), Ethics (e.g. philosophical considerations regarding the Ethics of the technological use in music), philosophy of technology and media (e.g. regarding the possibility of developing an ‘open source’ music technology) and finally alternative approaches regarding the creative use of music technology like those applied for the preservation of the world musical heritage (e.g the use of music technology applications for a preservation process ranging from the soundscapes of small communities to the preservation of ancient cultures from China to Latin America, also from the recovery of ancient Greek music theory to the preservation Byzantine and Greek Folk music).


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ICMC-SMC topics encompass, but are not restricted to, the following areas:  
Aesthetics of Computer and Interactive Music
Ethics of music artificial intelligence
Algorithmic Composition
Sound Analysis / Synthesis
Music Artificial Intelligence
Auditory display and data sonification
Automatic music generation/accompaniment systems
Automatic separation, recognition, classification of sound and music
Composition Systems / Techniques
Computational musicology
Computational archeomusicology
Computational Ethnomusicology
Computer-based analysis and synthesis of synchronized music and dancing
Music technologyandspecialneeds
Computer environments for sound/music processing
Computer Systems in Music Education
Content processing of musical audio signals
Digital audio effects
Expressive, emotional interfaces
Gestures, motion and music
History of Electro-acoustic Music
Humanities in sound and music computing
Interaction and Improvisation
Interactive performance systems
Interfaces for sound and music
Languages for Computer Music
Live Coding
Methodological issues in sound and music computing
Mobile Music Computing
Models for sound analysis and synthesis
Multimodality in sound and music computing
Music and robotics
Music Information Retrieval
Music and architecture modelling
Music therapy systems
Networked Music Performance
New Interfaces for Musical Expression
Perception and cognition of sound and music
Physical modelling of Musical Instruments
Representation and Models for Computer Music
Sensors, actuators, haptic and force feedback devices
Singing Voice digital analysis / synthesis
Social interaction in sound and music computing
Software and Hardware Systems
Sonic interaction design
Human-Computer musical interaction
Sound and music for VR and games
Sound/music and the neurosciences
Sound/music signal processing algorithms
Spatial sound & Spatialization Techniques
Technologies for the preservation, access and modelling of musical heritage
Theory and Philosophy of Polytopes